West Journey

Zhu Bajie / Pigsy


Zhu Bajie is one of the main characters in Journey To The West, the Buddhist name is "Wuneng". His weapon was a Nine Tooth Rake. He was "Marshal Tianpeng" in his previous life and was demoted to the world for flirting with a fairy and reborn as a pig head human. After being enlightened by Guanyin Bodhisattva, he joined Gao Laozhuang to work as a farmer and waited for someone to get scriptures. Monk Tang named him Bajie means "Eight Precepts", and with Sun Wukong, Sha Wujing to protect Monk Tang to the west for learning scriptures. Finally, he was called "Cleanser of the Altars".

Preorder Date: 10/6 - 12/18, 2022

Shipping Date: February, 2023

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