Myth Immortals

Master God of Wealth Zhao Goming Vinyl Figure

*the martial god of wealth in Chinese folklore.

*The god of wealth is mainly divided into two categories: one is granted by Taoism,and the other is the Chinese folk belief. In the novel "The Investiture of the Gods", Zhao cultivated Tao and attained the highest state of spiritual enlightenment,then zhao was killed when fighting Jiang Ziya who was helping the Zhou Dynasty overthrow the Shang Dynasty. Jiang deified Zhao Gongming as the Genuine God of the Profound Dragon Tiger Altar ("Zhengyi Xuantan Marshal"). Zhao Gongming has four assistant gods: Chen Jiugong, the god of attracting wealth; Xiao Sheng, the god of collecting treasures; Cao Bao, the god of collecting valuables; and Yao Shaosi, the god of profitability. Later, the Chinese people believed that Zhao Gongming presided four gods related to wealth and he was the master god of wealth.

*Moral: Kung Hei Fat Choi (Wish you prosperity and wealth)

Trust me, It would be a high class gift, with a lot of meaning(:

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