Myth Immortals

Xiao Sheng the god of wealth vinyl figure

*Xiao Sheng, God of Collecting Treasures associated with the East.

*A fictional character in the Ming Dynasty mythological novel. He is an idle immortal living in Erxian Ridge, whose talisman is a coin that can snatch treasures (except the weapons). When Xiao was playing chess with his friend Cao Bao in Mount Wuyi, he saved a man who was chased by Zhao Gongming, and snatched zhao Gongming's two treasures (stability bead and immortal-bounding rope), but unfortunately by Zhao Gongming with the whip to death (the whip isn’t a treasure but a weapon). He became the god of collecting treasures in the end.

*Moral:Bring in wealth and treasure to you!

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