Myth Immortals

Chen Jiugong god of wealth

*The god of attracting wealth

*Chen is an apprentice of Zhao Goingming,Yao’s school brother, who are believers of Jie Sect in Luofu Cave of Mount Emei. Wen Zhong launched a crusade against Xiqi,then Shi Jue Zhen (a slaughtering trap) was broken. Chen and Yao went down the mountain with their master Zhao. Later, Lu Ya Dao Ren and Jiang Ziya fought against Zhao Gongming by using the Book of Ding Tou Qi Jian (a unbeatable book of spells). To rescue Zhao, Chen and Yao head for Zhou’s Camp to rob the book, were caught up by Yang Jian and Ne Zha however. Then Chen was killed by Yang Jian. Chen was granted titles of the god of attracting wealth after he was died

*Moral:Attracting a great treasure

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